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We are always looking forward to branching out further in Austria and encourage interested people to join us! You can find information here on the new CC Austria Chapter website! Contact us directly at [email protected] or [email protected], engage with us on Twitter, or visit our public fairchat channel, which you can also just subscribe to as a mailing list. Chances are high that you meet one of us in person at the monthly Netzpolitischer Abend!

Contact: info or legal or team AT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and contact

We receive a lot of questions about Creative Commons. Please check our FAQ and other basic resources for the answer to your question before writing.

About Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an international non-profit organization that provides free licenses and tools that copyright owners can use to allow others to share, reuse and remix their material, legally. The Creative Commons international site has more about sharing your work, using and remixing other’s works, what we do and international news.

Global Network: Join us worldwide!

The Creative Commons Global Network works together to realize our shared values and build relationships around the world.
We encourage and welcome people and organizations to participate in the Creative Commons Global Network and Austrian chapter.
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Introduce yourself to the chapter by email us at info@creativecommons .org and we’ll send you an invitation to our meetings.